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WHY EMPTINESS LOOMS INSIDE  While you are young, you have this dream of the kind of future you want. Being a small innocent child, your dreams can be so real, you cannot imagine not being able to achieve it.   The thing is with age, our dreams also change or age ⌣:)  You might not understand but just find yourself having a different desire from the one you wished for while young. This might be due to :  Dreams As you grow you come to realise that either your dreams and reality are totally different. Hence, you gain a new perspective of things in life. This leads you to change your whole dream. It can be in a bad or good way.  In a bad way is the case of sacrificing that which you had hoped to do/achieve in life due to the reality that it's either unachievable or unrealistic.   In a good way is realising your dream is not only achievable but you can even do more than that which you dreamt of.  Most of the time it's the first case. 
A lot of people sacrifice their life dreams b…