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It’s what keeps us strong
Helps us stand tall
Keeps our desire to see tomorrow
As you weep now
Don’t keep your head down
Stop facing the ground
Look right up for the crown
It’s waiting for you to reach and grab
That’s  what hope is all about
Knowing that the shining star is right above.


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1. ANGER Do you always get angry? Are you irritated by slight comments made by people? Do you feel mad when corrected?
 These are signs of inner pain and you need inner healing.
 Millicent is a very good friend of mine. However, I was almost her only friend because she used to get in fights alot.
This was because every time she was given en a comment by someone even as a joke, she took it personally.
 Most of the time people avoided to talk to her. Why? She was like a ticking bomb, ready to explode anytime. You would not be sure what to tell her and when to tell her anything.
 Her reaction to your comments was negative. Even the most positive thing for her she could find the negative aspect of it.
This kind of anger she was harbouring inside of her was due to hurt. A hurt she had experienced long ago while still young.
 She came from a large family and she was the unnoticed child.
Everytime she trued to do something good to get her parents affection she rece…


WHY EMPTINESS LOOMS INSIDE  While you are young, you have this dream of the kind of future you want. Being a small innocent child, your dreams can be so real, you cannot imagine not being able to achieve it.   The thing is with age, our dreams also change or age ⌣:)  You might not understand but just find yourself having a different desire from the one you wished for while young. This might be due to :  Dreams As you grow you come to realise that either your dreams and reality are totally different. Hence, you gain a new perspective of things in life. This leads you to change your whole dream. It can be in a bad or good way.  In a bad way is the case of sacrificing that which you had hoped to do/achieve in life due to the reality that it's either unachievable or unrealistic.   In a good way is realising your dream is not only achievable but you can even do more than that which you dreamt of.  Most of the time it's the first case. 
A lot of people sacrifice their life dreams b…