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When thinking of a new business venture, your mind always plays with you. You will get this thought that there is no need for another one in your area.

After overcoming thus thought and starting up, there is always the chance of losing hope.
Your focus gets diverted away especially if the competition is many.

Sometimes it's not even competitors. The fact that it's new arouses  doubts in your mind. Will people like it? Did you make enough research? Was it the best venture? Alot of questions might cross your mind.

This will make you loose focus on it. You might even stop before you start. You will loose focus and give up if you don't follow this three tips.

A good business person lays out a strategy for the future. Know what you'll do to keep your customers happy. How you will be able to stay relevant in the long term.

This will help you to stay in place even if another competition crops up. You know the situation where you go in thinking you are the only one only for another person to put up the same business as yours.

 Worse still, maybe they were there all along. You just missed them on your survey. Don't be dismayed. The market can always absorb another player in the same segment.
There are plenty of opportunities for everyone.

   2. Self motivation

You loose it whenever you start focusing on the negatives. Your failures can make you quit. When you look around and see your competitors doing better than you it's even more desecrating.

As much as you should keep a tab on your competitors, it should not take the focus from the core essentials of your business.
You should avoid this comparison trap to lure you in.

This is how you stop yourself from that insecure feeling of not knowing how your competition is doing and focus on your business instead. Learn to give yourself a pat on the back.

Find that one thing you have done right and congratulate yourself for it.
See your success and take your failures as learning experience. Focus on the good but don't ignore the bad either.

Let the negatives be a motivation for your betterment. Your competitors will most of the time speak of their success. They'll put out only their best.
 They will speak of how much success they are experiencing in their own fields.

Don't let the green grass fool you. The reason they have it so piled up is because they are trying their best to cover up the dry surface. So stay focused.

    3. Consistency

If there is one thing that makes us fall back is lack of consistency. In whatever way you can. Don't loose yourself in the middle of success or failure. The big names in the industry have managed to stay on top because of this.

Look at Richard Brandon's Virgin, Bill Gates Microsoft or Michael Zuckerberg's Facebook. They keep adding new features to their companies daily, despite being the best in the world.

If you keep the above in mind as you go about your business, you'll be able to stay focused in your business and grow. Remember to also do something that is of interest to you.

 This will keep you looking forward to it every day.


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