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Do you always get angry? Are you irritated by slight comments made by people? Do you feel mad when corrected?
 These are signs of inner pain and you need inner healing.
 Millicent is a very good friend of mine. However, I was almost her only friend because she used to get in fights alot.
This was because every time she was given en a comment by someone even as a joke, she took it personally.
 Most of the time people avoided to talk to her. Why? She was like a ticking bomb, ready to explode anytime. You would not be sure what to tell her and when to tell her anything.
 Her reaction to your comments was negative. Even the most positive thing for her she could find the negative aspect of it.
This kind of anger she was harbouring inside of her was due to hurt. A hurt she had experienced long ago while still young.
 She came from a large family and she was the unnoticed child.
Everytime she trued to do something good to get her parents affection she received the opposite. The competition for her parents affection was so much she decided she was not just good enough.
 This was what was painted in her mind. Having not being good enough at home made her think she was not even in the outside world. So, she was angry. She resented everyone.
 To her all were just her competitors and if you gave her a good comment it was like mocking her.
If you find yourself in situations where you are angry all the time like my friend Millicent, know that you need inner healing.
 That wound that was planted inside of you long time ago need to be healed so that you can see the good in people and yourself. Your anger sometimes might not just be normal.
Search within yourself and find out.


So, you think you are an introvert. Right? You describe yourself as a silent person.
Part of your resume says 'I'm not a peoples person. I like to be alone.' Chances are you might be suffering from hurt.
 Your isolation is a way of preventing yourself from being hurt again. Maybe you trusted someone so much and they broke the trust. You don't think you want to be disappointed again.
 You have created this notion in your mind that being alone is cure for not getting hurt.
 Let me tell you, you are hurting yourself by isolation.
 Let us take the case study of Draya. She  never spoke to anyone in school. She sat in front of the class and the only time we noticed her is when we were entering the classroom because somehow she arrived first.
 The only time she answered questions was when prompted by the teacher this despite getting an A in everything during exams.
Her silence was so scary. You had no idea what she was thinking. No one dared approach her.
 On further inquiry by the school counsellor we found out, she was shunned down at home most of the time.
 Whenever she tried to express herself, she was either told to shut up, she was wrong or her opinion was not just that important. In her mind, these three things kept repeating themselves.
 A very bright student but she could not come to her full potential because of feeling shut down.
 So, are you silent by nature or are you silenced by nature?
 Figure that out.

3. Violence 

You must know someone who is violent by nature.  There way if solving problems is through violence. They believe if they don't fight they can't or won't get what they want.
 These people in our society are looked down upon. Most of the times though they might be in need of our love.
 Take the case of Rahab. A young lady feared by everyone in the office. She couldn't keep a job because of being violent with her colleagues. Every slight mistake someone did against her, she just could not let it go. Her temper took the best of her.
 When she was brought to the office, she thought the boss was trying to take advantage of his/her superiority and hence she either quit or got fired due to talking back to the boss.
If you grow up I  an environment that is violent it tends to be engraved inside of you. This dictates your solution to every problem.
Your view of the world is that it's a violent place and the only way out is through violence.
Some of your inner anger might also manifests themselves in violence. By being aggressive towards people you feel some kind of relief. Like a healing out of the pain you are harbouring inside of you.
When you find youself feeling satisfied after having a violent encounter with someone you need to seek help.
This is a sign that deep inside of you there is a kind of hurt that needs to be addressed.


Do you find it hard to make or keep friends? How do you feel when around your friends? Crowded?
 Relieved when no one is not bothering you to share your time with?

You know being silent and Unfriendly is not the same thing.
You can be silent but friendly.Approachable and appreciative towards peoples presence.
 An unfriendly person does not see the good in people.
If you have this problem with you, then there's an inner wound within you that needs to be healed.
You encounterd hurt through or by someone or something  and therefore everyone to you is not a friend.

Your view of  every person who approaches you for friendship is having bad intent.
 Find the cause of your un friendliness towards people and address it.

The world is full of beautiful people and things.
You just have to be open to receive.
Harbouring past hurt caused by others towards you might hinder you from achieving your goals.

You have to be open in order to explore your full potential.

What do you think of inner wounds? 


  1. This is great! It's great to look inside you and check yourself and see how you're allowing yourself to be ruled by your emotions! Great Read!

  2. Sometimes we're not aware of these inner wounds. It may affect relationships, career and even self love. Thanks for sharing these things! It feels so great to know these

  3. Inner wounds aren't always visible to ones self it's good to know the signs and be aware.

  4. Yes to all the above in addition. Leading to a more miserable person that needs help, love and patience.

  5. All of these are valid points. It's really important to be introspective and see where your faults are and how you can improve. Everyone isn't perfect, but it's important to notice the bad habits and try to turn them around.

  6. Sometimes you're not aware that you're holding onto these inner wounds. It's important to think about them and turn them around for the better.

  7. Great post. I can relate I do have some inter wounds I need to work on. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is a really great post. I had a bit of a frustration today and sometimes we need some help. Thank you!

  9. Definitely food for thought!.Anger and silence are both danger signs .Loved your insight into issues .World is really beautiful


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