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HopeIt’s what keeps us strong Helps us stand tall Keeps our desire to see tomorrow As you weep now Don’t keep your head down Stop facing the ground Look right up for the crown It’s waiting for you to reach and grab That’swhat hope is all about Knowing that the shining star is right above.
How to keep looking younger 
We all want to grow up until you reach a certain time and wish for that young skin again. Right?  Girls look forward to being women. Young men cannot wait to get the beard.

They all look forward to this age when they are men and women in the society. It comes with such pride until you wake up one day and realise, your skin is loosing the youthful glow.

So how do you remain young forever? That's impossible. However, there are a number of things you can do to help keep you body looking young.
This has got to be that one thing most of us fail to do. I can't put to count how many times I've told myself I'll exercise a certain number of days. Whenever I start the routine, I get tired on the way.

You probably have hit the gym once or twice. Maybe promises yourself to be exercising your body but forgot or just lazed off. It is good to keep our bodies fit by exercising. This helps you to remain vibrant.
An active body reflects a healthy …

When thinking of a new business venture, your mind always plays with you. You will get this thought that there is no need for another one in your area.

After overcoming thus thought and starting up, there is always the chance of losing hope.
Your focus gets diverted away especially if the competition is many.

Sometimes it's not even competitors. The fact that it's new arouses  doubts in your mind. Will people like it? Did you make enough research? Was it the best venture? Alot of questions might cross your mind.

This will make you loose focus on it. You might even stop before you start. You will loose focus and give up if you don't follow this three tips.

A good business person lays out a strategy for the future. Know what you'll do to keep your customers happy. How you will be able to stay relevant in the long term.

This will help you to stay in place even if another competition crops up. You know the situation wh…
1. ANGER Do you always get angry? Are you irritated by slight comments made by people? Do you feel mad when corrected?
 These are signs of inner pain and you need inner healing.
 Millicent is a very good friend of mine. However, I was almost her only friend because she used to get in fights alot.
This was because every time she was given en a comment by someone even as a joke, she took it personally.
 Most of the time people avoided to talk to her. Why? She was like a ticking bomb, ready to explode anytime. You would not be sure what to tell her and when to tell her anything.
 Her reaction to your comments was negative. Even the most positive thing for her she could find the negative aspect of it.
This kind of anger she was harbouring inside of her was due to hurt. A hurt she had experienced long ago while still young.
 She came from a large family and she was the unnoticed child.
Everytime she trued to do something good to get her parents affection she rece…